Dear Participants,

Administrative Committee of the Conference decided that if a participant is not present at the oral, poster or virtual presentation,  can not be accepted for Medimond volume, even if the author paid the publication fee. That author’s paper will be redirected to the ISSN volume, without refund of publication.

Administrative Committee of LUMEN- TCA 2014

Virgula rosu-negru
Dear Participants, 
If you want to publish your paper that will be presented at  the conference, the deadline for submitting full papers is 15 November 2014
For those who want the their article to be published in the proceedings volume with ISBN, proposed for indexing ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Index, Thomson Reuters, should know that so far we have accepted 50 papers (final accepted papers) and another 30 papers (which are in various stages of correction after peer review acceptance) of the total of 100 papers allocated to this volume.
Selection criteria for publication in volume with ISBN is the order of submission and their acceptance by reviewers. 
Papers that exceed the 100 positions and were accepted by the reviewers, will be proposed (with the author agreement) for publication in volume ISSN indexed in international databases, others than Thomson Reuters. 
If you do not want to publish the work in any of the options, please let us know. 
With great appreciation,
Ana Frunza- LUMEN Conference PR Department

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Dear Authors,

Lumen Research Center in Social and Humanistic and Lumen Publishing has the honor and pleasure to inform you about the successful outcome of the 4th edition of the LUMEN 2014 Conference – Publication of the proceedings in Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, Elsevier Publishing.

Following the development of the 4th edition of the LUMEN 2014 Conference final proceedings, the papers accepted for publication were sent to Elsevier Publishing – Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences in UK for publication and submission for evaluation to the Conference Proceedings Citation Index, Thomson Reuters, in order to be indexed.

Volume 149 – “From Theory to Inquiry in the Social Sciences” which includes a total of 173 scientific papers – has been published online and is available in Open Access.

We congratulate the authors of the proceedings LUMEN 2014 – “From Theory to Inquiry in the Social Sciences” for providing high scientific and personal contribution to the success of the publication of this volume.

Please see the proceedings volume at

We kindly invite you to the 5th edition of the LUMEN Conference – LUMEN – TCA 2014, 21 – 22 November 2014 – Targoviste, Romania


Ana Frunza- LUMEN PR Department


Virgula rosu-negru


Dear Authors,

During the period of 2nd – 17th of August, Lumen Association, Lumen Research Center and Lumen Conference Center will take a short holiday. Therefore, any activity and request sent in this period shall be processed after the 17th of August.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a beautiful summer!

Kindest regards,
Roxana Stratulat, Coordinator for LUMEN TCA 2014 Conference


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Dear Colleagues, The deadline for early registration has been extended to the 1st of August, and the deadline for payment of the participation fee is now the 5th of August.
We are looking forward to receiving your Abstracts.

Kindest regards,

Roxana Stratulat, Coordinator for LUMEN TCA 2014 Conference


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Dear Colleagues,

As we’ve mentioned before, we are always delighted to receive feedback on our activities and Conferences. Your reviews motivate us and also help us grow and improve our services year by year.

We were honoured to receive an e-mail from Mr. Cynarski (former keynote speaker at LUMEN 2014 Conference, From Theory to Inquiry in Social Sciences, spring edition), who was presenting us a review on the LUMEN Conference he had recently attended, review that he recently published in Scientific Review of Physical Culture, Volume 4, Issue 2, entitled “Iasi – Meeting Place for People and Ideas. Study of the Scientific Trip”.

The work of Prof. PhD Cynarski is an evaluation of the scientific process of sharing ideas and the nature of tourism research, based on his personal experience at LUMEN 2014 Conference, From Theory to Inquiry in Social Sciences that took place between 10-12th April 2014 in Iasi, Romania.

We would like to thank Mr. Cynarski for the positive feedback, and invite him and all of you to participate in the autumn edition of LUMEN Conference, LUMEN 2014 TCA (Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action).

You can read the mentioned paper of Mr. Cynarski here.

Kindest regards,

Roxana Stratulat – Lumen Conference

July 10th 2014

Virgula rosu-negru

Dear  Colleagues,

We proudly inform you about one of the LUMEN Conference latest success. The scientific paper of one of our authors was recently quoted within an international journal.

Loredana Terec- Vlad and Daniel Terec- Vlad ‘s paper, entitled  Ethical aspects within Human Cloning. Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 92 was quoted within the paper of Sally B. Gutierez and Rosanelia T.Yangco, from Philippines Dilimuezon City, Philippines, published within International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research.

We congratulate our author and we encourage her scientific research activity!

We kindly invite you to participate at the 5th edition of LUMEN Conference: LUMEN – TCA 2014. Consult the Abstract submission page!

Best regards,

Ana Caras (Frunza)- LUMEN Conference

July 9th 2014

Virgula rosu-negru

Call for Papers
The 5th International Conference LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action – LUMEN-TCA 2014
21-22 November 2014
Targoviste, Romania

Dear Colleagues,

We are honored to invite you to the fifth edition of International Conference LUMEN -TCA 2014 which will take place on November 2014 in Targoviste, Romania.

The experience of previous editions developed successfully provides us with the confidence that the international scientific manifestation with multidisciplinary character, and whose general objective is to promote scientific excellence, to be held soon, will be of major interest to the scientific public.

International Conference LUMEN -TCA 2014 is organized by Lumen Research Center in Social and Humanistic  Sciences, Lumen Publishing House and Lumen UK, in partnership with Valahia University of Targoviste, Faculty of Political Sciences, Letters and Communication, Research Center in Political Sciences and Communication, Targoviste, Romania; Higher Education Research and Consulting Company – SUA; Faculty of Philosophy and Social and Political Sciences within “Al. I. Cuza” University from Iasi; Faculty of Law within “Mihail Koganiceanu” University from Iasi; Faculty of Law and the Legal Research Center within “Petre Andrei” University from Iasi.

We are waiting for you in Targoviste, to the 5th edition of LUMEN Conference 2014- autumn edition!


Start here to submit an abstract to this conference

For instructions on how to use Lumen Submission platform, you can download the PDF HERE

In the section Comments from Lumen Submission Platform-  Please specify the manner of presentation: oral, poster, virtual and the topic of your abstract!

More information about our next event will be soon posted on the conference website

Best regards,
Professor PhD Antonio SANDU
Director of Lumen Research Center

May 12th 2014

Virgula rosu-negru

For information regarding the publication of the proceedings of 4th edition of LUMEN 2014 Conference – spring edition please follow the Previous Conferences Archives – LUMEN 2014  Spring edition- Papers LUMEN conference

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Dear Participants, 

We would like to thank you for your extraordinary collaboration so far, and for the great interest that you have shown by participating in our conferences. We would like to officially announce you of our unification of all scientific events that Lumen Research Center is developing as  main organizer.

The Organizing Committee decided that, for the interested participants and collaborators  to better identify  the LUMEN brand,  all scientific events will be united into one single brand- LUMEN – and will be hosted on-line on this website.

This action comes to support a better recognition and transparency of a high quality editorial and conference organizing excellence promoter that LUMEN became over the years.

Each Conference will have their own identity and particularities, while all of them being reunited under LUMEN trade mark.

The conferences that will be developed by LUMEN as partner, on behalf of other main organizations, will continue to express their own brand.

Best considerations!

Organizing Committee