19th LUMEN International Scientific Conference

Dear Participants,

We kindly invite you to consult the Program and the working papers volume of the 15th LUMEN CATES 2020 International Scientific Conference | Targoviste, Romania | November 27th-28th, 2020 | online event

Looking forward to meeting you all online,

The organizing Team

Important to know! GDPR action!

These Zoom sessions are recorded – by continuing you are giving your consent to be recorded.
No sensitive information about the participants – other than those existing in the Program or in the official documents of the Conference – will be made public without the express consent of the data subjects.
The records are kept in the archive of Lumen Publishing House for the use of Lumen Publishing House. We inform you that these sessions are broadcast live on Facebook, and if you do not want to be seen you can join without video image (valid for participants who do not have a presentation) and you can change the user name you enter with / a pseudonym to anonymize your presence.

Please Pay Attention! The recorded materials resulted from ZOOM session will be distributed online on Facebook and YouTube channel Editura LUMEN, being available to a global audience and will remain online AFTER the end of the conference.
The Plenary Sessions and the Regular Virtual sessions will be broadcast live on Facebook, for a general audience, and will later be posted on YouTube. Workshops and book releases will not be broadcast live on Facebook nor posted on YouTube.