Review Policy

1. Review policy for ABSTRACTS
This peer review policy is applied to all papers submitted to the Conference.
First of all, contributors are asked to submit a 200-300 words abstract of their work. The conference selection panel takes into consideration all abstracts received until the deadline.
At this stage, the key issue is the relevance of the proposed contribution.
The response at this stage is ACCEPTED or REJECTED and it is final. NO modification will be required.
Providing the work is relevant, the author(s) is (are) invited to participate to the conference in oral/virtual/ poster presentation and to submit their full paper (maximum 5 pages).
The peer review for the paper is different from the peer review for the abstract, based on which the paper is accepted for the conference. A paper accepted for the conference may be rejected for publication if it does not meet the scientific standards. The full papers sent for publication are subject to both a peer review process from Lumen Research Center, scientific reviewers of Lumen Conference 2014.

2. Review policy for FULL PAPER
When the full paper is submitted, it undergoes a double-blind review process by members of the Scientific Board of reviewers of Lumen 2014 Conference.
One paper is evaluated by at least 2 reviewers. In case one reviewer accepts the paper and the other rejects it, the final decision will be taken by one of the Scientific Committee member.
This review aims to ensure that the paper is relevant to the conference, the quality is sufficiently high to be accepted for presentation at the conference and publication in the conference proceedings, and that it meets the submission criteria established by the committee.
LUMEN 2014 Conference aims to fulfill the highest academic standards in social sciences.
A poor English text will be rejected, the authors being strongly advised to use a native English speaker for proof reading.

                                                                                                       The Organizing Committee