19th LUMEN International Scientific Conference

Medical Malpractice Conference | 2nd edition | Responsibility & Medical Liability | 15- 16 April 2016 | Iasi, Romania


World LUMEN Congress 2016. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty | 12th – 17th April 2016| Iasi, Romania

In the last decade, in Romanian society, have increased the accusations of medical malpractice, affecting both, the medical profession and civil society. In addition to growing awareness of liability issues for medical profession and medical staff, and for the patient, medical malpractice has triggered widely fear, and not always realistic.

In Romanian society, malpractice cases have a coverage and high visibility in mass media, incite as accusations against doctors and medical staff escalates, fear of being sued increase comparable, influencing medical decision making and, many times, resulting a defensive approach of the healthcare.

The issue of legal liability for medical malpractice increases fear among practitioners,

especially when the medical staff – patient relationship can become a litigious relationship (conflict), particularly in the medical fields with high risk (surgery, anesthesiology, intensive care, obstetrics, orthopedics, emergency medicine, etc.).

Romanian Association of Medical Law together with the co-organizers of World LUMEN Congress 2016 – LUMEN Association (LUMEN conference Center & LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, Iasi, Romania) welcome you to the 2nd edition of the Medical Malpractice Conference: Responsibility & Medical Liability, which will be held in Iasi, Romania, between 15 and 16 April 2016, as associated event of World LUMEN Congress 2016.

 Aims & Scope| The Conference aims to provide a multidisciplinary forum (ethical, medical, legal, political) for analysis, discussion and application of ethical and legal standards involved in patient care, education of healthcare professionals and medical community interests.

We expect to receive papers and proposals to cover multidisciplinary approach

in theory and especially in practice.


We propose a theoretical and practical debate of medical malpractice issues

  • Ethical and Medical Law in Malpractice
  • Professional Responsibility in Malpractice
  • Ethics Committees – ethical and legal standards

Organizer| Romanian Association of Medical Law, Iasi (ROMANIA)

Co- organizers| LUMEN Association – LUMEN conference Center & LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, Iasi (ROMANIA)


  • “Gr. T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi (ROMANIA)
  • Romanian Society of Bioethics (ROMANIA)
  • National Authority for Quality Management in Healthcare (ROMANIA)
  • National Institute for Training and Improvement of Lawyers – Territorial Centre, Iasi (ROMANIA)
  • Public Health Directorate, Iasi (ROMANIA)

Venue of the Conference| Hall Aula “George Emil Palde”  “Gr. T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi (ROMANIA)

Period| 15- 16 April 2016

Scientific Committee| Vasile Astarastoae, Vasile Cepoi, Tudorel Toader, Liviu Stafie, Olga Alexandru, Diana Bulgaru, Elena Toader

Official website of the 2nd Medical Malpractice Conference | ASOCIATIA ROMANA DE DREPT MEDICAL

Previous edition| Medical malpractice – Civil and criminal liability of medical staff,

5 to 6 Dec. 2014, Iasi, Romania (MALPRAXIS MEDICAL – Raspunderea civila si penala a personalului medical)


Registration| Please send your proposals at toader.elena@yahoo.com

Note for participants| Being an exceptional associated event of World LUMEN Congress 2016, the Administrative Committee of WLC2016 together with the organizers of the associated event, have decided that persons interested in attending both events to be offered a 25% discount on the registration fee at registration in both events. Please consult  the registration fees for WLC2016 Congress.
Interested persons are asked to contact the organizers Medical Malpractice Conference at toader.elena@yahoo.com or WLC2016 2016 organizers  -at lumeninternational15@gmail.com

Publication| Works presented in this scientific event may be proposed for consideration in order to be published in one of the partner publications of World LUMEN Congress 2016. Information on the types of publications are available here. Please use the full paper proposal template available at  DOWNLOADS WLC2016