Call for Special Issue| Postmodern Openings| World LUMEN Congress 2016. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty| 15th LUMEN Anniversary Edition| 12- 17 April 2016| Iasi, Romania

Special Issue Topic: Postmodern Approaches of Values in Humanities

Dear Friends,

We invite you to contribute to the development of a special issue dedicated to postmodern approaches of values in Humanities, hosted by the Postmodern Openings Journal.

Postmodern Openings journal aims to promote academic excellence in social sciences and humanities in reference to postmodernism and postmodernity in the context of globalization. The journal addresses the academic community across the world, expressing its openness especially for promoting young researchers.

The special issue will incorporate papers which relate to the topics of World LUMEN Congress 2016, but also focusing on the approach of postmodernity and/or transmodernity as civilizational period/s, by addressing postmodern/transmodern studies, as the approach of postmodernism/transmodernims as movement who expresses specific developments in the field of critical theory, philosophy, architecture, art, literature and culture.

An increased number of papers will address the transhumanist approach philosophy, such as philosophy of singularity, longevity, human enhancement etc.

We expect and encourage transdisciplinary approaches that overcome the existing gap between theory and empiricism.

Articles should relate to the following main topics:

  • Logos | aims to expose certain theoretical paradigms on social action, specific to the postmodern and transmodern paradigm, and the re-contextualization of the influences of modernity.
  • Universality | seeks the universalization of social and communicational paradigms, and their contextual applicability in the current communicational Universe.
  • Mentality | causes reflection upon the acceptability of new dimensions of knowledge and the relationship between mind and consciousness, of the different cultural and communicational perspectives. We encourage a transhumanist approach of the consciousness.
  • Education | aims at the multidimensional approach of education in the context of the paradigmatic mutations generated by the switch towards transmodern society, understood as knowledge based society.
  • Novelty | seeks to highlight the issue generated by the need for personal, institutional and social adapting to what is new, and to a continuous paradigmatic change, both in the plan of knowledge and of social action.

Deadline for paper submission | see the publication calendar & selection process for details

Submission of Papers | Please register and submit your paper to LUMEN Platform Submission or contact us at

Abstract selection process |

All submissions to the WLC2016 Congress are subject to peer-review selection. The submitted Abstract will be reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee, in order ensure compliance with the specific Conference themes, the technical compliance of the template for the Book of Abstracts, and the adherence to the criteria with regard to constructing the abstract, as laid down by the organizers: purpose, methodology, own contribution, results, conclusions.

We will evaluate the relevance of the submitted abstract in terms of the accordance to the Conference theme and to the international context in the field.

See the process of evaluation


  • Logos
  • Universality
  • Mentality
  • Education
  • Novelty

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