LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, together  with Institute of Philosophical Practice (Paris) – Russian Branch invites you to participate at the:

Certificated Workshop: 

Critical Thinking and the Art of Questioning (Philosophical practice)

18-19 April 2015, Iasi, Romania

Participants will receive certificates of the Institute of Philosophical Practice (Paris)

Workshop Coordinator and Trainer:

Victoria Chernenko – Institute of Philosophical Practice (branch in Moscow)

Workshop Characteristics:

This seminar is directed at acquiring and training oneself in the main thinking competencies.
During this practice participants go through the work on their own attitudes, become more conscious of themselves and obstacles in their thinking and learn to question, both though being questioned and doing exercises on questioning.

This seminar is an opportunity to practice critical thinking, both in group and individually.

During the seminar we will work on different registers:

• Intellectual
– proposing concepts and hypotheses;
– structuring and clarification of ideas;
– analysis, argumentation and objection;
– questioning (studying efficient and non efficient questions)

• Existential
– expressing and positioning of oneself through one’s choice
and judgments;
– consciousness of oner self, one’s ideas and behavior;
– managing one’s reactions;
– working on the way of being and thinking
– getting conscious of one’s incoherence

• Social
– expressing interest in the thinking of the other one;
– getting involved in the work of the group;
– understating the rules of the work;
– working on the group interaction

Developed competencies:

  • Argumentation:  Learn to evaluate the quality of arguments, define argumentation mistakes and make judgment about thinking of someone based on these mistakes;
  • Identification of problems: Spotting out problematic spots and working on them
  • Interpretation: Working on the capacity to listen to the interlocutor, interpret his/her speech, extracting the essential. Problematization: Learning to identify problematic points in the argument
  • Analysis: Dissecting arguments and questions, working on their evaluation, detailed studying of a problem. Questioning: Working on questioning, identifying efficient and non-efficient questions, working on questioning strategies.

The art of questioning is an instrument that allows developing mentioned competencies and achieve more qualitative thinking

Conditions of participation to the Workshop:

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– registration of at least 15 participants and maximum of 30 participants within the Workshop.
– the deadline for registration is 1st of April. No more then 30 applications will be accepted, even if the applications are submitted on time.The selection criteria will be “first come, first served”
– payment of the participation fee.


  • regular fee: 70 Euro
  • reduced fee: 25 Euro. For the already registered participants, or for those who will register both to conference as to workshop, the fee is 25 € (The payment of the 25€ fee is not giving the right to participate within the conference session, and also the conference participation fees are not replacing the workshop fee.)
  • For 19 of February 2015 (Official LUMEN’s 14th anniversary) – for those persons registered this day only, the workshop participation fee is of 15 euro.

All those interested in participating at the workshop can register until 1st of April 2015, by contacting us at