Guidelines for publication

ISI Proceedings Volume Publication (ISBN)

Full papers should be 5 pages including References- for publication in the Proceedings Volume, through Monduzzi Editore International Proceedings Division. You can increase your paper up to 10 pages, but each extra page after the first 5 will be 10 euros for page.

You can download the Template for full paper for ISI Proceedings Volume here:

Full Paper_Template_for_ISI Proceedings_Volume

(more information soon)

International Databases Proceedings Publication (ISSN)

Full papers should be 10 pages, including References. You can increase you paper, but each extra page after the first 10 will be 10 euros for page.



Article Construction Rules

  • The files must be in MS Word format only and should be formatted for direct printing.
  • Figures and tables should be integrated into the text and not supplied separately.
  • Please be sure to use as much as possible normal fonts in documents. Special fonts, such as fonts used in the Far East (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.) may cause problems during processing. To avoid unnecessary errors, we recommend to use “spell checker” function in MS Word.
  • Please do not change the formatting and style plans that have been created in this Medimond template As indicated in the template, papers should be prepared in a single column format suitable for direct printing on A4 paper (192 mm x 262 mm).


  • All tables should be numbered with Arabic numbers.
  • Table name should be placed above tables, left justified.
  • Leave a space between title and table row. Tables must be embedded in the text and not supplied separately.

Figures / Images

  • All figures and images will be numbered with Arabic numerals (1,2, … n).
  • All photographs, drawings, graphs and diagrams should be numbered and their numbering to coincide with the figures in the text, when referring to them.
  • Photos, pictures, figures, diagrams, graphs, etc. whose quality does not meet publication standards (picture, 300 dpi resolution) are not accepted. Figures should be embedded in the text and not supplied separately.


  • For pictures / images, authors must prove their ownership of the copyright, from the point of view of the author of the image / picture, and in terms of subject matter (for photographs of people, respecting the right to privacy and identity- the right of the author to reproduce the image in any way without harming the integrity of the person)

Final papers submitted for publication are subject to both a peer review process conducted by reviewers Lumen Research Center Social and Humanistic Sciences , and an evaluation process conducted by reviewers of partner institutions.