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Start here to submit an abstract to this conference:

Step 1: download and fill-in the Registration Form

Step 2: send the document by e-mail at, with the subject “LUMEN CATES2020 Abstract

The online platform we will use for virtual presentations is ZOOM.

In order to be able to organize the presentations efficiently, the authors registered with virtual presentation are asked to send the video recording in advance at least 10 days before the conference. The LUMEN team will upload it to the LUMEN Publishing House/ Editura LUMEN Youtube channel and create a link to the conference website and to the Facebook page LUMEN conference center.

At the time of the conference there will be scheduled sessions of 35-40 minutes, and participants who will be scheduled to present their works (3 – 4 speakers) will have 5 minutes of presentation, followed by a 5-minute interval allocated for answers to questions. In the 5 minutes of presentation they will present very briefly the pre-recorded video, which is already uploaded on Youtube. Those who are unable to make the presentation in real time in on virtual sessions through ZOOM are kindly asked to transfer the work to the poster presentations and follow the poster presentation instructions, no later than May 5th.

The organizing team will send participants ZOOM links for participation. All participants will receive an audience invitation for all sections of the conference, not only those in which they are scheduled to present the registered paper. The sessions will be successive, and we will not schedule parallel sessions.
As such, once established, the program will not be rescheduled.

People who listen to the recording on Youtube and watch the poster on Facebook can ask questions posted as comments regarding the presentation. The author/ authors of the paper receiving comments, are invited to answer them when the Open Space virtual or poster presentations session are scheduled. (Open space presentations refers to the time when comments / questions can be addressed to the works posted on the Youtube channel or on the Facebook page, outside of the sessions programmed through ZOOM.)

A person who, although virtually programmed, cannot attend the ZOOM session in which he is programmed, if she/he receives questions on theFacebook page is invited to answer them in the open space intervals, so that his/her answer is accessible to the general public.

Pay Attention!, due to the transfer to online conference, materials available on Facebook and Youtube, including session recordings, will be available to a global audience and will remain online after the end of the conference.

Abstract selection process | 

All submissions are subject to peer-review selection. The submitted Abstract will be reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee, in order ensure compliance with the specific Conference themes, the technical compliance of the template for the Book of Abstracts, and the adherence to the criteria with regard to constructing the abstract, as laid down by the organizers: purpose, methodology, own contribution, results, conclusions.

We will evaluate the relevance of the submitted abstract in terms of the accordance with the Conference theme and to the international context in the field.

For symposium and workshops please send your proposal at