Workshop | Religious education in the area of contemporary Europe

Workshop Title | Religious education in the area of contemporary Europe. Interculturality and religious dialogue in the context of the migration phenomenon

Main Organizer Institution | Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania – Teacher Training Department and Faculty of Orthodox Theology and Educational Sciences 

Co-organizers | LUMEN Association, Center for Research in Socio-Human Sciences, Romania

Chairs |

  • Fr. University Professor, Ph.D. Marian Vîlciu, Valahia University Targoviste, Romania -Faculty of Orthodox Theology and Educational Sciences;
  • Teaching Assist. Ph.D. Elena-Ancu?a Santi, Valahia University Targoviste, Romania – Teacher Training Department;
  • Fr. Teaching Assist. Ph.D. Cosmin Santi,  Valahia University Targoviste, România – Faculty of Orthodox Theology and Educational Sciences.

Overview | In the present social context, characterized by continual changes and mutations on the economic, political, cultural and educational level, by the intensification migrational phenomenon, and by the propagation of the Islamic religious fundamentalism in the European area, the teaching of religious education in public schools constitutes a special set of problems, in some cases intrinsically related to the national identity, but also to the culture and tradition of some EU countries. In Romania, starting with the year 2015, religious education – as a discipline studied in schools -, has been attributed the status of optional discipline, although in other European States people talk increasingly more about the return to the traditional values and about the need to consolidate the religious identity, generated by the significant in-flow of non-secularized populations. There are studies showing that people religiousness is closely related to its morality, and the formative-educative values of religious education cannot be denied. In this framework, the coexistence needs to rely on the openness to dialogue, mutual respect, tolerance, recognition of the authentic national values and on the keeping of the specific ethos. This workshop represents the opportune moment to present and express ideas and opinions, to know, to discover and turn to good value the theoretical and practical models applicable in the sphere of religious education, in intercultural contexts.

The objectives of this workshop are:

  • Presentation of models able to integrate religious education in the curriculum of some European countries with an ample migrational phenomenon;
  • Identification of ways of solving the problems generated by the reintroduction or presence of the Religion / Religious Education classes in the European public schools, in the context of secularization;
  • Determination of common points coming from religious, cultural and spiritual values, which can contribute to a good multicultural cohabitation;
  • Constitution of educational premises supporting the realization of religious education from early ages in life.

Topics | Religious education, interculturality, religious dialogue, migration phenomenon, secularization.

Date | 24.11.2017 (2 h)

Time | 16:00 – 18:00

Room | A002 (University Campus, Aleea Sinaia, nr. 13, 130004 Târgoviste)

Participants | teachers from university and pre-university education, researchers, students, public interested in the proposed topic.

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