Call for Panel

Call for Panel  – varianta in limba romana

International Scientific Conference
Logos, Universality, Mentality, Education, Novelty.
Iasi, 21 May – 3 June 2012

The International Scientific Conference: Logos, Universality, Mentality, Education, Novelty 2012 will be held in Iasi between 21 May – 3 June and will act as an international forum for presenting innovative ideas, the main issues and most recent results in the following domains:

  1. Humanistic Sciences (Philosophy, Logics, Semiotics, Ethics, Aesthetics, Languages, History and Cultural Studies, History of Art and Architecture, Cultural Memory and Heritage, Cultural Heritage)
  2. Law (Community Law, European Law, National Law, Criminology, Legal Sciences)
  3. Social Sciences (Psychology, Educational Sciences, Sociology, Social Work, Communication Sciences)
  4. Economics and Administrative Sciences (Economy, Administration, Marketing)
  5. Political Sciences and European Studies (Political Sciences, International Relations, European Studies, European Integration).

The organization Committee of Lumen Conference 2012 invites you to send, until 20 of March 2010, your proposals for panels.

A panel is conceived to encourage the exchange of ideas, methods, and/ or experience between different individuals, scientists, around important questions regarding the main topic (target).

Within a panel, there can be multiple means of presentation: sessions of oral presentation, poster sessions, and virtual presentation sessions.

The topic approached within a panel can be in the same line with the main topics of the conference or the moderatos of the panel can propose other topics for discussion.

In order for a panel to be accepted, moderators must nominate minimum 5 keynote speakers with oral presentations. The number of persons participating at a panel can be between 5 and 12 (one moderator and 11 speakers).

The Duration of a panel can last maximum 2 hours.

The fee for participation within a panel is the same participation fee for the session of oral presentation, including the discount for early registration.

If you are interested in organizing a panel, within the International Scientific Conference: Logos, Universality, Mentality, Education, Novelty 2012 please send an e-mail with your proposal for the Organization Committee of the Conference at, with the specification: “Proposal for organizing a panel”. Proposals must include:

  • The title of the panel,
  • A summary of the approached topic and its justification,
  • Titles and abstracts (just in English for participants from abroad, and both Romanian and English for Romanian participants) of the papers of at least 5 keynote speakers,
  • Name, affiliation, e-mail address and CV of the panel moderator,
  • Name, affiliation, e-mail address and CV of keynote speakers,
  • A short description, 10 to 15 lines, of participants,
  • The type (s) of presentation: oral, virtual, poster. A panel will be accepted only if there are minimum 5 keynote speakers with oral presentations,
  • Standards of selection of members of the panel.

The abstracts of the papers for participants at the panel will be included in the Book of Abstract.

To be included in the Volume of the International Scientific Conference: Logos, Universality, Mentality, Education, Novelty 2012, the papers of the participants, like all other papers, will undergo a mandatory process of peer-review, made by the Scientific Committee of the Conference.

We are waiting for proposals for the organization of panels! 

The Organization Committee
Lumen Research Center in Humanistic and Social Sciences