Abstract Submission

Registration of abstracts for Lumen International Conference Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty (LUMEN 2014) is done according to the following aspects:

The abstract should include a maximum of 300 words. The abstract must include Problem Statement, Purpose of Study, Methods, Findings and Results, and Conclusions and Recommendations (these elements may need some adaptation in the case of discussion papers: Background, Purpose of Study, Sources of Evidence, Main Argument, and Conclusions). Please note that some elements are optional in abstracts.
Please submit your abstract using the template below:

Template Abstract LUMEN 2014

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For instructions on how to use Lumen Submission platform, you can download the PDF HERE

In the section Comments from Lumen Submission Platform-  Please specify the manner of presentation: oral, poster, virtual and the topic of your abstract!

All authors submitting an abstract will receive a confirmation of receipt, and after the peer review process (which may take up to 4 days), an answer will be given regarding the abstract (accepted/ rejected).

The on line submission is preferred!

If you are experiencing any problems with the on line submission, you can also send your abstract via email at: prlumen2@gmail.com.  Please do NOT send your abstract using other email addresses of Lumen staff or any other kind of submissions, except for the on line submission and prlumen2@gmail.com, as they will NOT be taken into consideration!


  • The acceptance letters for authors will be provided by the Organizers only to the authors that make the proof of the participation fee payment and they have sent the full paper(oral presentation), the video recording (virtual presentation) or the poster (poster presentation).
  • In case  of participants that register their papers and  are not making the fee payment accordingly with the conference schedule, those participants names will be erased from the on-line version of the conference program.

For any other information regarding the conference, please contact us at prlumen2@gmail.com.