Results LUMEN2014 Spring Edition

We are honored to bring into your attention the participation results of LUMEN 2014, spring edition :

  •  460 registered participants, with a geographic representativeness from Europe, Asia, Africa and America;
  • 280 registered abstracts;
  • 218 accepted  abstracts, published within Working Papers- From Theory to Inquiry in Social Sciences

 The geographical representativeness  of the total registered participants: registered participants from 23 countries

  • 28 % abroad registrations;
  • 72 % Romanian  registrations.


The participation acceptance rate from the total number of 280 registered abstracts was of  77,85 % ,  the rest of  22,15% being withdrawn or rejected

the Working Papers – From Theory to Inquiry in Social Sciences has been published by Lumen Media Publishing, London, UK, with British ISBN, provided by  Nielsen UK ISBN Agency