Welcome to the World LUMEN Congress 2016 (WLC 2016)! WLC 2016 is the 15th anniversary edition of LUMEN events and scientific activity, developed through LUMEN Research Center and Social Humanistic Sciences, LUMEN Publishing House and LUMEN conference Center!

World LUMEN Congress will explore new approaches in social and humanistic fields, through its anniversary theme “Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty”, by bringing international academics, practitioners and experts together in Iasi, Romania, from 12 – 17 April 2016.

LUMEN Conference Center started its activity in 2010, with the mission to provide professional management for conferences organized by the LUMEN Research Center for Social and Humanistic Sciences.

The purpose of the Centre is to disseminate information from research conducted by academics and undergraduate, master, doctoral, post-doctoral students, practitioners, in an organized framework, where they can share ideas and lay the groundwork for fruitful professional collaboration with specialists from the country and abroad.

Under the umbrella of the LUMEN Conference Centre there are organized national and international conferences, symposia, workshops, scientific discussions.

The attention of the LUMEN Conference Centre experts on logistics and planning details allows the Scientific Board to focus on the scientific event content, ensuring a high degree of professionalism.

We welcome you to events LUMEN!