Workshop | Professional Identity of future Medical Assistants from a Social Perspective

The narrative medicine program as a way of investigating the social factors that contribute to the development of the professional identity of the future nurses / Developing the professional identity to future nurses from a social perspective

Coordinators | Catalina NECULAU, PhD Student in Sociology, University of Oradea, psychotherapist in training in narrative therapy

Antonio SANDU , Professor PhD, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, & PhD Adviser in Doctoral School of Sociology within the University of Oradea, Romania

Simona DAMIAN, Lecturer, MD, PhD, Institute of Legal Medicine Iasi, Romania

Organizers | Doctoral School of Sociology within the University of Oradea, Romania

Co-organizers | LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, LUMEN Conference Center (LUMEN Association) Iasi, Romania

Department of Law and Public Administration, Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania

Keywords | narrative approach, appreciative medicine, social discourse, professional identity

This proposal aims at presenting the method of working in the narrative medicine program practiced by the facilitator in a post-health care posting in 2011 using narrative techniques in order to identify the role of social discourse in building the professional identity of future nurses .
The practical approach to the narrative approach to the narrative program, inspired by Rita Charon of Columbia University, USA, will be described.

From the table of contents:
Appreciative medicine
The narrative approach in the context of postmodernism
“The technique of the naive witness (outsider whitness practice)
Social discourse
Professional identity