The following is the second DRAFT of the schedule for the days of Scientific Sessions. Changes may occur. The rooms will also be available soon.

Download: Program_LUMEN_RSACVP2018_&_ESDPAL2018

Friday, 27th April 2018
Registration Desk | (9:00 – 9:30)
Opening Ceremony

Welcoming address


Auditorium Joseph Schmidt


Joint session with Associated Conference – Ethical & Social Dimensions on Public Administration & Law

1.      Professor PhD Mihai DIMIAN, Credits Coordinator within the Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania

2.      Professor PhD Stefan PURICI, Vice-Rector of Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania

3.      To be nominated – Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine

4.      Associate Professor PhD Camelia Maria Cezara IGNATESCU, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania

5.      To be nominated – City Hall Suceava, Romania

6.      Prefect Mirela ADOMNICAI – Institution of the Prefect of Suceava County, Romania

7.      To be nominated – Suceava County Council, Romania

8.      Lawyer Alexandra HUIDU LUMEN Association, Iasi, Romania

Plenary Session 1


Aula Building E


Moderator(s): Antonio SANDU

1.      Professor PhD Gabriel GORGHIU, Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania | Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Education – A Must for Nowadays Science Education

2.      Professor PhD Naziev ASLANBEK, Ryazan State University, Ryazan, Russian Federation | Education, Culture, Human Freedom, and Moral

3.      Professor PhD Sana LOUE, Vice Dean, Faculty Development and Diversity, Professor, Bioethics, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio, USA | Skype | Sandplay with Adults with Serious Mental Illness: A Pilot Test of Feasibility and Acceptability

4.      Ing. Lukas VALEK, University of Hradec Králové, Chzech Republic, Assoc. Prof., Ph.D, MBA Vladimir BURES, University of Hradec Králové, Chzech Republic | Time Bank metasystem and its system dynamics model

Lunch break (14:00 – 15:30)
Plenary Session 2


Aula Building E


Moderator(s): Antonio SANDU

1.      Associate Professor PhD Hab. Elena TOADER, Gr. T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania| Quality of Life in Obese Children with Adherence to Medical Treatment

2.      Professor PhD Stefan COJOCARU | Al. I. Cuza University from Iasi, Romania | Appreciative Supervision: Parallel Process and Restructuring of Social Practice

3.      Professor PhD Hab. Adrian HATOS | University of Oradea, Romania | Social Action in the Era of the New Global Populism and the Ideologies of the Romanians

15:30 – 16:30
Plenary Workshop

Sala Senat



Plenary Workshop | Ethics of Scientific Publication: COPE’s Ethical Regulations

 Workshop developed within the Programme „Etica  si integritate academica de exceptie în cercetarea stiintifica si actul didactic”, implementer: Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, with financial support from FDI2018, Domeniul 5, Îmbunatatirea calitatii activitatii didactice, inclusiv a respectarii deontologiei si eticii academice. Project code: CNFIS-FDI-2018-0545.

Parallel Session 1


Social Sciences


Room E201



Florentina POPA, Daniel-Rares OBADA

1.      Felicia CEAUSU | Romania | Relations Between Motivation-Satisfaction-Performance In Career Read Through A Postmodernist ”Grid”

2.      Valerica CELMARE | Romania | Taboos In Professional Relationships

3.      Armenia ANDRONICEANU | Romania | Quality Of Life In Romania Based On A Comparative Analysis

4.      Maria-Magdalena LUPCHIAN | Romania | The Romanian Post-Socialist Town- Contrasts And Convergences

5.      Florentina POPA | Romania | The Semiologic Audit – A Way To Analyze The Codes Of Communication Used By The Mobile Phone Companies In Iasi

6.      Daniel-Rares OBADA, Gheorge-Ilie FARTE | Romania | Reactive Public Relations Strategies For Managing ‘Fake News’ In Online Environment

7.      Valentin CALINOVICI | Romania | Economic Laws, Necessities Or Obstacles For Growing Companies?

8.      Valentin CALINOVICI | Romania | Can Be The Code Of Ethics An Important Piece Of The Big Picture Companies’ Puzzle?

Parallel Session 2




Room E118



Gabriel GORGHIU, Narcisa Gianina CARANFIL

1.      Oana Matilda SABIE, Armenia ANDRONICEANU, Sorin BURLACU | Romania | The Influence of Organizational Culture’s Dimensions on Innovation and Performance Management in Higher Education

2.      Luminita Mihaela DRAGHICESCU, Ana Maria Aurelia PETRESCU, Laura Monica GORGHIU, Crinela DUMITRESCU | Romania | The Students’ Pedagogical Practical Stage between Problems and Solutions

3.      Luminita Mihaela DRAGHICESCU, Ioana STANCESCU, Ana Maria Aurelia PETRESCU | Romania | The Reflective Practice – an Intrinsic Dimension of the Educational Demarche

4.      Gabriel GORGHIU, Ana Maria Aurelia PETRESCU, Roxana Constanta ENACHE | Romania | The Educational Marketing between Theory and Practice in the Context of Secondary Education Institutions

5.      Gabriel GORGHIU, Magda Vera ZAROJANU, Claudia Lavinia BURULEANU | Romania | The Role of Educational Activities Oriented on the Prevention of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases

6.      Elena Ancuta SANTI, Gabriel GORGHIU | Romania | Considerations on Developing of Multiple Intelligences in the Context of Science Lessons

7.      Viorel ROBU, Narcisa Gianina CARANFIL | Romania | Are Romanian Adolescents Still Motivated to Engage in School? Some Empirical Findings and Future Considerations

8.      Istvan ZSIGMOND | Romania | Academic motivation and conformism

Parallel Session 3


Social Sciences


Room E213



Ecaterina CROITOR,
Horia Costin CHIRIAC

1.      Anda Anca RODIDEAL | Romania | Emerging Needs for Minimizing Negative Effects of Technology Overuse Among Children

2.      Horia Costin CHIRIAC | Romania | Symbolic Interactionism and the Semiotics of Power

3.      Cristina TRIPON | Romania | Critical Thinking-Transversal Competence in the XXI Century

4.      Raluca Malvina STANCIU | Romania | Family in the Context of Parental Migration

5.      Iulian APOSTU | Romania | The Relationship between Daughters-in-low and Mother-in-low – the Preconditions of Conflict

6.      Gabriela NEAGU, Sebastian FITZEK | (Skype) | Romania | Integrated Education – Differentiated Education and Educational Performance

7.      Ecaterina CROITOR | Romania | Educational Factors and Behavioral Mechanisms of Institutionalized Children

8.      Alexandra GALBIN | Romania | Creativity in Organizational Context. Overcoming the Vulnerable Situations

9.      Elena UNGURU, Antonio SANDU | Supervision of Social Services – a Social Construction

10.    Narcisa Delia Valentina CHIRVASIU, Elena SIMION-BLANDA | Romania | Alternative and Augmentative Communication in Support of People with Delays in Verbal Language Development

Students’ Workshop  

Aula Building E

 Chair: Iulian APOSTU

Students’ workshop | Postmodern challenges in conjugality

Main Organizer Institution | Romanian Academy, Institute of Sociology

Chair | Lecturer PhD Iulian APOSTU, Researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Romanian Academy

16:00 – 17:00
Round Table 

Sala Senat


Alexandra HUIDU, Antonio SANDU, Roxana STRATULAT

Round Table | Opportunities for publication in scientific Journals. Case study: Web of Sciences indexed Journals – Postmodern Openings and Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala


Saturday, 28.04.2018
Registration Desk | (09:30 – 10:00)
8:30 – 12:00
Workshop 1   Room A022, Building A   Chairs: Otilia CLIPA, Diana DUCA Workshop | Improving the Initial Education of Adult Immigrants.

Associate Professor PhD Otilia CLIPA, Faculty of Sciences of Education, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava

Assistant Professor PhD Diana DUCA, Faculty of Sciences of Education, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava

9:00 – 12:00
Plenary Session  Aula Building E

 Moderator(s): Sorin Tudor MAXIM,

1.      Associate Professor PhD Tomita CIULEI, Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Communication, Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania | Constitutions of Romania. A Potential Discoursive Analysis

2.      Lecturer PhD Simona DAMIAN, Gr. T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania, Professor PhD Hab. Diana BULGARU-ILIESCU, Gr. T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania, Assistant PhD Ancuta ROHOZNEANU, Gr. T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania, Assistant PhD Madalina Maria DIAC, Gr. T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania | Providing Medical Assistance for the Underaged Victims of Sexual Abuse

3.      Professor PhD Liudmila RUPSIENE, Klaipeda University, Lithuania, PhD Aleksandra BATUCHINA, Klaipeda University, Lithuania, Associate Professor PhD Otilia CLIPA, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania | Specific Social and Educational Needs of the Immigrants: Educators of Adult Immigrants Perspective

4.      Professor PhD Sorin Tudor MAXIM, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania | Organizing violence. A deconstructivist perspective

5.      Associate Professor PhD Dan Ioan DASCALU, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania | Collectivism and Individualism in Political Militantism

6.      Associate Professor PhD Roxana Magdalena NECULA, Al. I. Cuza University from Iasi, Romania, President of National College of Social Workers from Romania, Iasi Branch,  Lecturer PhD Cristian Mihail RUS, Al. I. Cuza University from Iasi, Romania, Coordinator for Social Services Vlaicu AONICESEI – Comunitatea Evreilor, Iasi, Romania, Professor PhD Hab. Antonio SANDU, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania  | Memories from the Holocaust. Between Oral History and the Sociology of History

7.      PhD Candidate Loredana TEREC-VLAD, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania | A Better Future for the Human Being? A Transhumanist Point of View

12:00 – 14:00
Parallel Session 1 Humanities  

Aula Building E



1.      Ivan IVLAMPIE |Romania | Famous Criminal Phrases

2.      Ivan IVLAMPIE |Romania | Identity and Alterity in the Primitive Era of Globalization

3.      Viviana IVLAMPIE |Romania | Consequentialist Ethics and Accountability in Contemporary Society

4.      Rarita MIHAIL |Romania | Money, the Alienated Power of Humanity

5.      Rarita MIHAIL |Romania | Protestant Ethics and the Secularization of Vocation

6.      Cipriana-Elena PEICA |Romania | Considerations on the Phonematic System of the Contemporary Romanian Language

7.      Cipriana-Elena PEICA |Romania | Considerations on the Relationship between Phonetics and Phonology

8.      Daiana CUIBUS | Romania | Verbal Nouns and Deverbal Nouns in Romanian

9.      Marius DUMITRESCU |Romania | A Psychoanalytic Analysis of Spinoza’s Life and Philosophy

Parallel Session 2   Humanities  Room E201





1.      Iulian GRIGORIU | Romania | Social Asymmetry

2.      Nicoleta-Mariana IFTIMIE | Romania | The Clash of Genders in A Streetcar Named Desire

3.      Gabriela DRIMBA | Romania | Oltenia’s Wooden Churches: where Byzantine Orthodox Iconography and Traditional Romanian Folk Art Meet

4.      Diana-Maria ROMAN | Romania |  Notes on Categorized Words in the Contemporary Romanian Language

5.      Diana-Maria ROMAN | Romania |  Final A from Morphematic Point of View in Common Nouns  and Proper Adjectives Inflection in the Contemporary Romanian Language

6.      Rodica POP | Romania | Plato, as a Plagiarist. Some Modern Opinions

7.      Anca URSACHE TCACIUC | Romania | Time and Morality. Kairopraxis

8.      Claudia FRATILA | Romania | Kairopraxie or Opportunity to Divert Domestic Violence

9.      Diana Silvana STOICA | Romania | Innovative Methods in Teaching Romanian as a Foreign Language

Parallel Session 3   Economics  Room E118



Ioana Raluca GOLDBACH, Alexandra Florina BEIU

1        Ana Maria GERMAN, Alexandru Codrin IONESCU | Romania | Decision – Making Process in Business Using Game Theory

2        Ana Maria GERMAN | Romania | The Impact of Neuromarketing in Business

3        Ioana Raluca GOLDBACH, Florina Izabela BARBU, Alina BIDIREANU | Romania | Human Resources Management in Education

       Marilena CONSTANTINESCU, Crin MARCEAN | Romania | Pain Management, Total Pain Assessment, Pain Therapy

5        Ioana Raluca GOLDBACH, Gabriela SOARE, Constantin Aurelian IONESCU | Romania | The Role of the Manager Versus the Leader in Education

6        Liliana HINCU | Romania | Marketing of the Bucovina Tourist Destination

7         Liliana HINCU | Romania | The Image of the Bucovina Tourist Destination – a Renowned International Brand Name

8        Mihai-Bogdan AFRASINEI, Iuliana Eugenia GEORGESCU | Romania | Tax Optimization through Tax Havens

9        Alexandra Florina BEIU, Adriana AnaMaria DAVIDESCU | Romania | Are Romanian Employees Satisfied with their Jobs and with the Performance Evaluation Process? An Empirical Analysis based on Gender Differences

10        Celil AYDIN, Recai AYDIN, Reyhan DEMIR ONAY | Turkey | Skype | Does the Types of Energy Sources Affect the Relationship between CO2 Emissions and Economic Growth?

11     Burak DARICI, Ahmet AYDIN, Celil AYDIN | Turkey | Skype | Macroeconomic Determinants of British, Bulgarian, Georgian, German and Russian Tourism Demand for Turkey as an Emerging Market

12     Hatice AYDIN | Skype | Turkey | An Expanded Model of the Theory of Planned Behavior: Turkish Consumers’ Food Waste Behaviour

Parallel Session 4   Miscelaneous  Room E210


Moderator(s): Robert-Marius MIHALACHE, Loredana TEREC-VLAD

1        Meltem Altanay OZDEMIR | Turkey | Examining Tourism Students’ Cognitive Structures Towards Leisure time and Recreation Concepts Through Word Association Test

2        Maria Alina BREAZ | Romania | Social Assistance of Women in Prison

3        Raluca BALAITA | Romania | Affectivity and Social Expression

4        Claudia Anamaria IOV, Radu-Cornel ALBU | Romania | Identity and Security in the European Union: From Theory to Practice Case study – The Securitisation of Islam in Europe

5        Crina Mihaela VERGA | Romania | Relevant Aspects of National Minorities in Romania

6        Robert-Marius MIHALACHE | Romania | The Holy See’s Intervention in the Struggle for the Occupation of the Hungarian Throne (1290–1310)7

7       Cristina BLEORTU, Alina-Viorela PRELIPCEAN | Romania | The Linguistic Attitudes in the North of Spain

8        Loredana TEREC-VLAD | Romania | Technological Mediation Theory in the Context of Human Enhancement

Lunch Break 14:00 – 14:30
14:30 – 16:00
Workshop 2 

Aula building E


Coordinator(s): Daniela SIMIONOVICI

Workshop | Rethinking Social Action as Suistainable Development Strategy: Moldova wants Highway

Organizers | Grup de initiativa civica “Impreuna pentru A8”

Co-organizers | LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, LUMEN Conference Center (LUMEN Association) Iasi, Romania & Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania.

Workshop 3  

Sala Senat


Coordinator(s): Svetlana RUSNAC

Workshop in Social Psychology | The Mentalities of Society in Transformation

Organizers | Free International University of Moldova (ULIM), Faculty of Social and Education Sciences & Center of Formation and Social Research (ULIM), Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova.

Co-organizers | LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, LUMEN Conference Center (LUMEN Association) Iasi, Romania

Papers |

Tatiana FOCSA | Moldova | The Guardianship Authority – the Main Institution Empowered with the Right of Protecting the Best Interest of the Child

Svetlana HARAZ | Moldova | Current Approaches to Understanding Disability

Valentina STRATAN, Victoria PLAMADEALA | Moldova | Social Assistant Training for Assertive Behavior

Ludmila ZMUNCILA | Moldova | Self-Assessment – a Tool for Quality Management in the University

Victoria PLAMADEALA, Carolina PERJAN, Sergiu SANDULEAC | Moldova | Relationship between Loneliness and Love in Young Women

Workshop 4  Room E205

 Moderator(s): Catalina NECULAU, Antonio SANDU

Workshop | Professional Identity of Future Medical Assistants from a Social Perspective

Organizers | Doctoral School of Sociology within the University of Oradea, Romania

Co-organizers | LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, LUMEN Conference Center (LUMEN Association) Iasi, Romania

Department of Law and Public Administration, Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania

Paralel Session 5   Public Health 

Room E223



Liliana BUJOR, Catalina NECULAU

1        Liliana BUJOR |Romania | Personality, Parental Style and Emotion Regulation like Predictors of Well-Being at Boys and Girls

2        Rezarta LALO | Albania | Relationship Between Depressive Mood and Maternal Obesity: Implications for Postpartum Depression

3        Fatjona KAMBERI | Albania | The Development of Policies and Preventive Measures for Cancer Based in Reporting Methods: a Transversal Study

4        Antonio SANDU, Catalina NECULAU, Simona DAMIAN | Romania | From Narrative Medicine to Appreciative Medicine

Panel  Room E201




Panel | Playing with Golem

Organizers | Doctoral School of Social Sciences and Humanities within the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Romania

Co-organizers | LUMEN Association, Romania & Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania

Papers |

1.      Petru STEFAROI, Florin TARNAUCEANU | The Transfer of Competences Professional – Parent in the Recuperation and Education at Home of the Child with Dizabilities in the Knowledge and Technology – Based Society

2.      Petru STEFAROI | Personality and Human Relationships – Basic Values and Resources of Practice in Humanistic Social Work. The Specifics of Research and the Evidence-Based Practice

3.      Loredana TEREC-VLAD | The Human-Technology Relation in Posthumanism – an Postphenomenological Approach

4.      Mihaela BOBOC, Roxana ACHIRICESEI, Ioan Mircea TURCULET | Ecological Considerations on Technological Singularity

5.      Roxana ACHIRICESEI, Mihaela BOBOC, Ioan Mircea TURCULET | The Vulnerability of Internet-Connected Devices

6.      Andreea Anisoara BONDAR | The Perspectives of Technological Process

7.      Andreea Anisoara BONDAR, Olivia MACOVEI | The Philosophy of Facebook Privacy

8.      Florin George POPOVICI | Mechanical Consciousness and the Borders of Humanity 9.      Florin George POPOVICI | Thought Experiment in the Philosophy of Mind

16:00 – 17:30
Paralel Session 6   Social Sciences  Room E118



Viorica-Cristina CORMOS,

1        Nadia Laura SERDENCIUC, Carmen Mihaela CRETU | Romania | Entrepreneurial Education in Universities. Students’, Teachers’ and Entrepreneurs’ Perception

2        Lucian MOCREI-REBREAN | Romania | The Sublime and the Astronomical Image

3        Viorica-Cristina CORMOS | Romania | Social Work in the State of Welfare and Unfavorable Influences among the Vulnerable Population

4        Aurora Adina COLOMEISCHI | Romania | Stres and Wellbeing for Parents: a Comparative Approach

5        Bogdan POPOVENIUC | Technological development as meta-pathology

6        Martina ZAKOVA | Slovakia | (Skype) | The Perception of the Integration Process and the Provision of Social Services by Immigrants

7        Rina Manuela CONTINI |Italy | (Skype) | Complexity and Sociology: Beyond the Analysis of the Global Society

Workshop 5


Room E201



Diana P

Workshop | Social Media for Academic Advertising

Organizers | EduSoft Academy Association, Bacau, Romania

Co-organizers | LUMEN Association, Romania & Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania

1        Bogdan PATRUT, Monica PATRUT | Romania | Software for the Analysis of the Political Discourse: Political Analyst

2        Monica PATRUT | Romania | Facebook, Which is the Coolest High School in Town?

3        Ecaterina FILIMON | BRAIN – an Agora for Specialists in Artificial Intelligence, Psychology and Neuroscience

Book release


Aula Building E




Book release | Marturisesc ca sunt femeie, author Alexandra HUIDU


Guests |

Professor PhD Antonio SANDU – Director of LUMEN Publishing House

Poster Session |  


Carmen ALEXANDRACHE | Romania | Progress, Individualizing and Monitoring Students Learning. Tools and Methodological Benchmarks

Madalina ALBU | Romania | Issue of Risk Management in Oil Companies

Madalina ANTONESCU | Romania | Metropolitan Diplomacy. The Global Metropolitan Law and Principles of Metropolitan Diplomacy

Madalina ANTONESCU | Romania | Regional and Global Institutions in a Global Order of Megacities



Letitia BARBUICA | Romania | “Cool” Contemporary Architecture.

Letitia BARBUICA | Romania | Architecture Studio Teaching. Breathtaking Architecture.

Stefania BEJAN | Romania | The Revenge of the Image in the Postmodernity Illustrated by Mass Media

Stefania BEJAN | Romania | Surprising Repercussions of the Two-Way Symmetrical Model in Mass Communication

Vladimír BUREŠ, Tereza OT?ENÁŠKOVÁ | Romania | Complexity of Information Society Prevents Achievement of Satisfactory Decision Making

Elena BANCIU, Iulia ANGHEL, Ana Maria BIRTALAN | Romania | Cyber Riots and Politics: Exploring the digital undergrounds of grassroots-based parties in contemporary Romania



Viorica – Torii CACIUC | Romania | Aspects of Training to Children an Ecocentrical Vision on Nature

Sonila CELLA | Albania | Effects of Customer Orientation, Entrepreneurial Orientation, Innovation and Collaboration in the Development of Tourism Sector: Case of Berat City

Narcisa Delia CHIRVASIU, Ruxandra FOLOSTINA | Romania | The Role of Game-Based Learning in Career Development and Job Placement of Young People with Intellectual Disability

Liviu Bogdan CIUCA | Romania | Certain Remarks Regarding the Recommendation of the European Parliament from 13 December 2017 addressed to the Council and the Commission Further to the Inquiry regarding the Money Laundering, Avoidance of the Tax Duties and Fiscal Evasion

Georgeta CONDUR, Teodora PRELIPCEAN | Romania | Leadership Styles. Qualitative Analysis on Romanian Presidents

Jean Pierre CLERO | France | Blood: A Great Forgotten of Ethics of Care

Jean Pierre CLERO | France | Medicine, Robot and Privacy

Razvan-Alexandru CALIN, Irina-Alexandra BIRSANESCU | Romania | Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality – Trends in Pedagogy

Codrin CODREA | Romania | The Deadly Game. Deciphering Duel and its Impossible Legal Prohibition through Nietzsche and Hegel

Codrin CODREA | Romania | Fortuna versus Justitia – Praeliminaries to a Genealogy of European Private Law

Silvia-Florina COJANU | Romania | Financial Behaviour of Romanian Guaranteed Minimum Income Beneficiaries

Adin Marian COJOCARU, Marilena COJOCARU | Romania | The Model of the Middle Blocker in Volleyball

Mihaela Denisa COMAN, Constantin Aurelian IONESCU, Mihaela LIXANDRU (LEASA) | Romania | Romanian Economy between Linearity and Circularity. A Bioeconomic Perspective

Gabriela CRISTEA, Ionut-Constantin MANOLE | Romania | The Structure of the Training Activity from Computer Science Perspective

D Anca DODESCU, Ioana POP-COHUT | Romania | Youth Entrepreneurship and Role Models at Local Level. Case Study: Bihor County, Romania

Valeriu DECIU | Romania | Coping with everyday ethical dilemmas

Valeriu DECIU | Romania | Center-periphery cleavage in Ukraine

Valeriu DECIU | Romania | Frequent Mistakes in Romanian Management Practice

Valeriu DECIU | Romania | National Identity. Formation and International Projection


Constanta Carmina GHEORGHITA, Liliana Mihaela PETROVICI | Romania | The Worship Space and the Mediating Role of Architecture

Ionut Adrian GHIBANU | Romania | Inter-religious Dialogue and inter-Christian – a Contemporary Ecclesial Educational Priority

Cosmin Lucian GHERGHE | Romania | Recent Developments of the European Union in the Field of Rights and Liberties. Case Study: Directive (EU) 2016/343 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 2016 on the strengthening of certain aspects of the presumption of innocence and of the right to be present at the trial in criminal proceedings

Catalina Maria GEORGESCU | The Postmodernity of European Integration: Affirming EU Core Values, Identities and Principles in the Mass Media

Gulnaz GIZATOVA, Olga IVANOVA | Russian Federation | National Identity in Risk society.



Constantin Aurelian IONESCU, Liliana PASCHIA, Mihaela Denisa COMAN | Romania | Romanian Agriculture and Sustainable Development

Paula IVAN, Daniel GHEORGHE | Romania | Study on the Top Athletes at Long Jump



Alba Demneri KRUJA | Albania | Entrepreneurship among Graduates: Assessing Self-employment Opportunities and Advancements in Albania



Nicoleta LEONTE, Ofelia POPESCU, Oroles FLORESCU, Teodora WESSELLY | Romania | Body Mass Determinations of Young People During the Period Between 2008-2017



Ramona MIHAILA | Romania | Deconstructing Masculinist Power Politics in Society: Oppression, Control, and Domination

Ramona MIHAILA | Romania | Power Structures in Organizational Gender Equality Processes: The Role of Workplace Identity Construction

Viorel MIHAILA | Romania Crisis Communication of the Romanian Crisis Management System

Viorel MIHAILA | Romania The Outside-in Public Diplomacy

Simona MINA | Romania | Transactional Leadership vs Transformational Leadership. Public-private Dispute

Cristina Elena MORARU, Ileana Monica POPOVICI | Romania | Study Regarding the Use of Imagery in Dance



Ramona Adina NEACSA, Marian VILCIU | Romania | Aspects Regarding the Arenga of the Wallachian Charters during the Reign of Radu the Great

Narcis Florian NEAGU, Carmen GRIGOROIU, Oroles FLORESCU, Mihaela NETOLITZCHI | Romania | Aspects Regarding the Optimization of the Physical Training of Students Swimmers in Semifond Trials



Georgiana Florenta ONISORU, Daniela DRAGOMIR | Romania | Performance Management in Preuniversity Education

Anca Parmena OLIMID | Romania | Framing Human Values and Ethical Behavior in the European Union Participatory Governance (2009-2017)

Daniel Alin OLIMID | Romania | Mapping Medical and Social Topics in the Agenda of “Health 2020. A European Policy Framework Supporting Action across Government and Society for Health and Well-Being”: Focus on Health and Population

Romana ONET | Romania | Equal Opportunities And Promoting Balance Between Work And Family Life



Maria PESCARU | Romania | The Characteristics of the Romanian Emigration Phenomenon

Raluca Anca PELIN, Carmen GRIGOROIU, Mariana MEZEI, Camelia BRANET | Romania | The Utilisation of Plyometric Means in The Development of Explosive Force in the UPB Cheerleading Team

Iasmina PETROVICI, Lucian-Vasile SZABO | Romania | Some Aspects of Aesthetic Creativity in Journalistic Photography

Adrian Daniel PRICOP, Oroles FLORESCU, Nicoleta LEONTE, Narcis NEAGU | Romania | Aspects Regarding the Optimization of the Coordinative Capacity of Students in Non-Speciality Higher Education

Ofelia POPESCU, Nicoleta LEONTE | Aspects about the Child Cognitive and Motor Development in the View of J. Piaget and R. Rigal



Mirela RADU | Romania | On the border between philosophy and medicine: Pietro d’Abano Mirela

RADU | Romania | Medical terminology used as literary nihilism

Marinela RATA, Adina Camelia SLICARU | Romania | The Effectiveness of Physical Therapy in Improving the Symptoms in a Child with Netherton Syndrome

Cristian RISTEA, Cristiana PORFIREANU, Nicoleta LEONTE | Romania | Dimensions of Including Emotional Intelligence in the Educational Curriculum for Higher Education Level

Viorel ROTILA | Romania | The Smartphone is One of the Mind Outsourcing that Aspires to the State of Mind Extension

Viorel ROTILA | Romania | Expectations on Predicting the Future of Work are not Grounded; we Can Control only Some of the Variables that Define its Character



Cristina STROE | Romania | Ex-ante Assessment of the Activation Component Insertion within the Guaranteed Minimum Income on the Incidence of Poverty in Romania

Irina-Andreea STOLERIU | Romania | Features of The Final Judgement Representation in the 16th century Moldavian Painting



Secil Bal TASTAN | Turkey | In Search for the Link between Psychological Sense of Community and Perceived Well-Being: An Organizational Level Approach





Note:  – de la Suceava se pleaca la 7,30

                       –  previzionam sosirea la Cernauti la ora 9-9.30



          9-9.30 primirea invitatilor

          9.30    deschiderea conferintei

          11.30  coffee break

          12.00 – 14.00 – in paralel

                                   Sesiunea I Drept civil

                                   Sesiunea II Administratie Publica

                                   Sesiuni paralele LUMEN


          14.00-15.00 masa de pranz

          15.00- 18.00 – în paralel

                                Sesiunea III Drept fiscal

                                 Sesiunea IV Drept penal

                                  Sesiuni paralele LUMEN

          18.30  – Cina festiva


28.04.2018 –

10.00 – 12.00 Sesiune plenara – aula E

12.00 – 12.30 coffee break

12.30 – 14.30 Sesiuni paralele LUMEN

14.30 – 16.00 pranz

16.00 – 18.00 Sesiuni paralele LUMEN