Book release | Houses in Victorian Novels, author Ioana Boghian

Houses in Victorian Novels, author Ioana Boghian

C1_Houses-in-Victorian_BOGHIAN_A5The volume “Houses in Victorian Novels”, authored by Ioana Boghian, Associate Professor PhD at Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau, has been published in 2018 by LUMEN Publishing House.


A short excerpt from the Foreword signed by Associate Professor PhD Elena Ciobanu from “Vasile Alecsandri” University of Bacau, states that:

Semiotics, the main approach applied in this study, supports in crossing the boundaries of academic disciplines. A psychological approach to the house would have provided only the possibility of connecting the concept of the house with the inner life of a character; semiotics allows not only this, but also to see the way in which the Victorians’ interpretation of the house is reflected in their cultural and social practices, as well as their evolution as individuals. Analysing the house as a semiotic object supports the identification of cultural spaces and cultural paradigms, social and domestic roles and positions as part of the house’s process of signification and the way in which the resulted meaning is communicated to readers by means of Victorian novels.

With these purposes in mind, the author has structured the book into chapters focused on different aspects related to the concept of the house: the semiotic approach reveals the concept of the house as a triadic relationship, functioning either as an iconic, symbolic or indexical sign in relation to its inhabitants; the cultural approach applied to the concept of name and naming houses reveals criteria for the act of naming, as well as types of house-names and their origins; the semiotic approach to the relationships established within the Victorian house enables the elaboration of a classification of houses, owners, inhabitants and guests into subjects, objects and agents; the concept of relatedness is discussed as an act of signifying (everything within and outside a house generates meaning); the relationship between nature and culture is analysed as another element of the signification process which contributes to constructing the identity of a Victorian house and its inhabitants; through semiopoetics, the author has addressed the concept of the house as a metaphor for the text and for the human body; the ekphrastic representation of houses highlights the function of paintings and portraits of characters in Victorian houses and novels.

The volume will be presented by Lecturer PhD Andreia-Irina Suciu, Director of the Department of Language and foreign literature, Faculty of Letters, Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau, and Professor PhD Antonio Sandu, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania & Director of LUMEN Publishing House.

Location | Petre Andrei University from Iasi, 2 Balusescu Street, Iasi, Romania

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