Workshop | Legal Education between Experience and Experiment: Educational and Legal Perspectives

Workshop  | Legal Education between Experience and Experiment: Educational and Legal Perspectives


Co-organizers | LUMEN Research Center in Social & Humanistic Sciences, Romania & Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava, Romania

Chair |

Mirela Carmen DOBRILA – Lecturer PhD, Faculty of Law, University „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iasi, România

Bogdan Constantin NECULAU– Lecturer PhD, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, University „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iasi, România


Overview |  The workshop ”Legal Education Between Experience And Experiment: Educational And Legal Perspectives”  aims to highlight the need to promote the rule of law and democracy in society and especially among young people, as well as to prevent human rights violations, through the dissemination of legal education concepts in an attractive, relevant way for pupils and teachers and adapted to the level of education of the pupils.

It is necessary to promote the knowledge of the norms of law, by providing legal information to students and teachers, by coordinating institutional actions and by involving specialists in law.

Promoting legal education in school, in an attractive and age-appropriate way, will encourage the interest in knowing and understanding legal rules, and will make them accessible for young people.

Regarding legal education in schools, there are areas of interest: the Romanian Constitution, fundamental rights, freedoms and duties, basic elements of civil and criminal law, highlighting some aspects  on violence, Internet use and specific risks, human rights and fundamental freedoms, discrimination and others.

Keywords: legal education; promoting law; understanding legal rules; dissemination of legal education

Topics | law, education

Date | May 16th 2019

Time | to be updated soon