19th LUMEN International Scientific Conference



Professor PhD, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania | USA

Dr. Jackson is Professor and Director Emeritus of the Drug, Alcohol, and Wellness Network (DAWN) at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. During the past 20 years, he has focused his career on addictions with special attention to alcohol use and abuse. Currently, he is a Fulbright Senior Scholar, Specialist in Addictions.
He has presented workshops on a variety of subjects in addition to addictions including: Basic Statistical and Research Methods; Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention; Eating Disorders; Ethical Practice in Counseling and Psychology; Obsessive Compulsive Disorders; Cost Savings in Hospital Emergency Rooms Through Brief Interventions for Alcohol Abuse; Brief Counseling Interventions; Designing Prevention Efforts for Universities, Communities and Industry; and Training Physicians in Empathy and Consulting Skills.
Dr. Jackson’s interests and expertise include: alcohol use patterns; early identification and brief intervention; cost savings in treatment and prevention; public policy on drugs and alcohol, comorbid conditions.


Associate Prof. PhD, Faculty of Business Administration, Marmara University | TURKEY

Seçil (Bal) Tastan was born in Izmir in 1978. After completion of her bachelor degree in Istanbul University Faculty of Economics, Department of Public Administration, she studied her master degree in Human Resources Management&Development in Marmara University and she started her academic career as a research assistant in 2000. She obtained her PhD in Organizational Behavior from same university in 2011. She is working in Marmara University Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration, sub-department of Organizational Behavior. She obtained Associate Professorship in 2017 in the area of Management-Strategy and Organizational Behavior. Her academic research studies include the organizational behavior, management and organization, industrial and organizational psychology, human resources management, organizational culture, leadership, and innovativeness. She has authored a number of academic research studies in academic journals and international conferences on these subjects.


Veaceslav MANOLACHI, Ph.D.

Professor Ph.D. Hab., Rector of State University of Physical Education and Sport of Chisinau | MOLDOVA

Rector of the State University of Physical Education and Sport of Chisinau (Republic of Moldova). I am also Merited Coach, holder of the Order of the Republic, holder of the honorary title The Name in Science, Honorary Professor of the Academic Union, Oxford. I have published over 100 scientific papers, courses, textbooks, and monographs. I have coordinated over 20 Ph.D. students as Doctoral Supervisor in the field of physical culture. In the last five years, we obtained two patents and registration certificates with copyright objects. The publication is mainly focused on physical education and sports management, sports psychology and philosophy. I have participated in national and international projects, including as project manager.


Emilia TAJSIN, PhD

Professor PhD, Kazan State University of Power Engineering, Department of Philosophy, Kazan, Russia

The circle of scientific interests of Prof. E.A. Taysina is very broad: theory of knowledge, history of philosophy, logic, linguistics, literature, conflictology, psychology, pedagogy. She developed the most comprehensive university course of Aristotelian logic (120 hours), taught at the philosophical department of the economic department of Kazan State University (as well as at the Kazan Theological Seminary).

For merits in the field of education (“for a great personal contribution to the training of teachers and many years of excellent work in the system of higher professional education”), prof. E.A. Taysina was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation by order of October 21, 2003 (signed by A. F. Kiselev). In 2008, for achievements in the field of education, she received the award “Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation” by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia dated April 23, 2008 (signed by V. Fridlyanov). In 2014, E.A. Taysina received the State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan in the field of science and technology.



Professor PhD, Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences, “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iasi | ROMANIA

Marius Dumitrescu is Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi. His main fields of interest are modern philosophy, philosophical anthropology and psychoanalysis. His most significant volumes are: Descartes or the Doubts of Certainties (Descartes sau certitudinile indoielii) (1996), which won ”Mircea Florian Prize” of the Romanian Academy, What happens when philosophy is taken seriously? (Ce se intampla cand filosofia este luata in serios?) (1999), Plato in the mirror of time. A Journey in Philosophical Anthropology (Platon in oglinda timpului. Periplu in antropologia filosofica) (2002), Beyond the mysteries of philosophy and philosophers (Dincolo de tainele filosofiei si ale filosofilor) (2002), Alchemy of Human Becoming (Alchimia devenirii umane) (2007), Psychoanalysis Applied in Philosophy and Art (Psihanaliza aplicata in filosofie si arta) (2014), and Baroque Genesis of Modern Philosophy (Geneza baroca a filosofiei moderne) (2016).



Simona-Irina DAMIAN, PhD 
Chief of scientific works, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa” Iasi | ROMANIA

Ph.D. in Medical Sciences at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa” Iasi, Romania, 2012. M.D., graduated University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa” in 1998 and Faculty of Juridical Sciences, University “Mihail Kogalniceanu” Iasi in 2006. Master in Penal Sciences and Criminalistics in 2007. Post-doctoral researcher in Ethics and Psychiatry. Currently works as Assistant Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa” Iasi, Romania and as MD, speciality Forensic Medicine, at the Institute of Legal Medicine Iasi. Author and co-author of various papers in journals and conferences.


Ciprian Constantin IFTIMOAEI, PhD

Deputy Director of Iasi County Directorate la National Institute of Statistics, Iasi | ROMANIA

Ciprian Constantin IFTIMOAEI is Deputy-Director of the County Statistics Department of Iasi and Associate Lecturer PhD at the Department of Sociology and Social Assistance of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences, “Al.I. Cuza” of Iasi. Scholarships and professional mobilities: Hungary (1998), Netherlands (1999), Poland (2000), Lithuania (2001), France (2007), Bulgaria and Turkey (2010), Belgium (2014), Austria (2015), Greece (2015) Publications: 30 papers published in BDI-indexed journals and collective volumes. Books at LUMEN Publishing House: Elitism Theoretical and Ideological Contributions to the Study of Political Elites; Governmental Elite in Post-communist Romania; On security, democratic consolidation and good governance. Romania within regional context. He has almost 20 years of experience in central and local public administration, of which 10 years as a senior civil servant. Between 2007-2009, he was the prefect of Vaslui County.