Aims and scopes TR2013

International Scientific Conference
Tradition and reform, 2nd edition.  Social reconstruction of Europe
7-8 November 2013
Bucharest, Romania

International Scientific Conference Tradition and Reform, Second Edition,
focuses in 2013 on a European actuality central theme: Social Reconstruction of Europe. The conference aims to bring together studies and research in various fields of human social through a rigorous methodology and innovative integrated answer to the question What is Europe? 
This is a current problem with identity implications that will be interrogated further tradition of social research of European basic in accordance with the new European policies on the future of Europe. The Conference encourages original approaches, transdisciplinary theme of social construction and reconstruction of Europe. Will be appreciated studies that question the place of Romania in current European construction.

In the domain of law, the purpose of Tradition and Reform Conference, Second edition, is to bring together researchers concerned with classical aspects of law, the legislative reforms occurred internally, European and international, but also of modern legislation trends to unify legal standards in different branches of legal sciences. In conclusion the unity and also originality of  the Conference will result from the conjunction of two elements: on the one hand, it will be given a special attention to issues that involve the study of classical legal science, on the other hand, will be introduced with relevant arguments the modern European and international perspective on the topic.

Priority axes of the Conference aims, but are not limited to the following areas:

– Sociology
– Communication and Media Studies
– Political Science, International Relations and European Studies
– Legal Sciences
– Economic Sciences
– History