4th CDA 2020

International Conference on Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA 2020), Târgoviste, Romania | November 27-28, 2020

Associated scientific event of

15th LUMEN International Scientific Conference on Communicative Action and Transdisciplinarity in the Ethical Society | CATES | 27-28 November 2020 | Târgoviste, Romania

Main Organizer | Faculty of Political Sciences, Letters and Communication, Valahia University of Târgoviste, Romania

Co-organizer | LUMEN Association – LUMEN Research Center in Social & Humanistic Sciences, Iasi, Romania

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4th International Conference on Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA 2020): Discourse and Large-Scale Social Changes – Cultural, Social and Ethical Perspectives, Târgoviste, Romania | November 27th-28th, 2020

Aims & Topics |

Having reached its 4th edition, the International Conference on Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA 2020) invites scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds to submit proposals particularly in relation to research areas connected with language and discourse analysis as perceived through the broader outlines set by communication, social, political, psychological and philosophical studies. The conference adopts an interdisciplinary perspective accepting work from Linguistics, Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Communication Studies and other associated fields. This year’s conference theme, Discourse and Large-Scale Social Changes – Cultural, Social and Ethical Perspectives[1], aims to have scholars focusing their attention on the fundamental role of discourse in social changes on a large scale and on the ways in which discourse acts altogether as a tool, triggering factor, construct, means of producing social change and, also, final aim. While trying to look into all these aspects of discourse as a social construct, researchers are also encouraged to take on the critical perspective as a tool to unveiling the truth or as much of it as possible. The proposals may address various types of discourse and may have various approaches. Whether you be more interested into the ethical perspectives of your research or the social impact that the topic of your research tends to trigger or, perhaps, into the educational role that your study displays, you are welcome to join the conference and its community of analysts who are attempting to shed more light over ‘triggers’ of social change, by analysing the ‘triggering discourses’.

We welcome papers addressing topics from fields such as discourse analysis, critical linguistics, cognitive linguistics, literature, communication studies, social and political studies, and including (but, by no means, limited to) the following possible sub-themes:

  • discourse and large-scale social change
  • language and power
  • identity and traces of subjectivity: discourse on identity and cultural diversity
  • rhetorical aspects of communication
  • critical perspectives on: political discourse, globalization discourse, journalistic discourse, new media discourse, ethical discourse, management discourse, etc.

Organizing Committee |

  • Tomita CIULEI – Associate Professor PhD – Valahia University of Târgoviste, Romania
  • Ioana RAICU – Senior Lecturer PhD – Valahia University of Târgoviste, Romania

[1] This year’s novelty is that the conference will be held exclusively online. Participants are registered with virtual presentations. They are asked to send a video recording of their presentations in advance, at least 10 days before the conference. For further details on the online process for presentations, check out the Lumen site: http://conferinta.info/cates-2020/registration/